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Maintenance cleaning

The BR-Clean maintenance cleaning:

And every day the image shines

Constant and, above all, sustained cleanliness is the decisive criterion for success in Switzerland. Whenever an employee, customer, client, patient or guest enters a building or a room, the first impression is unique and remains unforgettable forever. This high standard quickly becomes a constant challenge, and not just when there are a lot of visitors. BR-Clean therefore takes responsibility for ensuring that visitors are positively surprised every day by the level of perfection in your office, practice, commercial premises, sales area, apartment or stairwell.

100 percent purity every day and everywhere

The experienced team at BR-Clean loves perfection and cleans for you – daily,

weekly or monthly – windows, floors, shelves, desks, right down to the last corner, meticulously and hygienically impeccable. This regular cleaning by experienced professionals pays off. So you can confidently leave this task to BR-Clean. This way you can maintain your positive image and your budget sustainably and daily.


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