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Moving cleaning

BR Clean removal cleaning: How to save time, nerves and money

Before every move, there is a lot to plan and organize. But the required final cleaning of the previous apartment before the handover often turns into a never-ending nightmare. To save you stress and money, the experienced cleaning experts at BR-Clean will take care of the perfect move-out cleaning for you until it is a success - always at a fixed price agreed in advance and within your budget.

The handover becomes a mere formality

The cleaning experts at BR-Clean know the high requirements and the high standards. The specially trained cleaning specialists remove even stubborn stains that could even endanger your deposit. Above all, the professionals at BR-Clean achieve success more quickly thanks to their very precise specialist knowledge and the use of tried and tested cleaning products and cleaning tools. This saves you valuable time and money that you will certainly want to use more sensibly when moving.


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