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House maintenance


BR-Clean, the caretaker: For the optimal functioning of building technology

Professional facility management includes monitoring and repairing all building technology. This includes the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as all sanitary facilities. The experienced and specialized craftsmen at BR-Clean have mastered the latest techniques and are therefore always able to quickly carry out any repairs that may arise.

More efficiency and profitability for your property

With BR-Clean, property owners and tenants have a personal contact person available at all times in the event of a fault. And this is available around the clock. In addition, BR-Clean's sustainable building management always has the aim of increasing profitability in mind. The logging of faults and the optimization of operating costs are therefore also part of the professional all-round management of properties. Overall, BR-Clean thus ensures greater energy and cost savings at the same time.


Hotline: +41 44 340 12 54

BR-Clean Window cleaning:
Clearly creates more clarity.

It's not just rain and insects that ruin the shine of window glass, environmental influences can also quickly make windows look dull. All glass surfaces therefore require regular intensive care by an experienced window cleaning professional, for example to remove gray haze from the window glass. Of course, professional window cleaning at BR Clean also includes thorough care of the window frames.

For streak-free and radiant shine

The specially trained experts at BR-Clean have the necessary equipment and the special tools with telescopic extension to clean even in extreme areas. Heights can be cleaned confidently and crystal clear. This means customers can always rely on a clear view.


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